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Sensual Massage Candle

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Set the mood with this sensuous, sensational Share Satisfaction massage candle. This amazing massage candle comes in three “flavours”: Pheromone, vanilla, and rose. Housed in a black pouring cup, let the wax melt and use the spout to gently pour it over your body or your lover’s body.

Wax play is a delicious and deluxe experience that will blow you away. Give yourself over to the heat and enjoy a massage with a difference. Use it only on the outside of your body and try a blindfold to lift your play to a new level.



  • Aphrodisiac & pheromone infused

  • Easy to use, and the pouring spout

  • Melts into luxurious massage wax

  • 3 sensual scents: Pheremone, Vanilla & Rose


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Customer Reviews:

"The candle smells amazing and the wax is just warm enough to bite but not burn."

"Smells amazing, super soft and doesn’t irritate skin. Great for massages and feels amazing when dripped on body. If you want to add something extra to your sex life this is a easy must."


To Use: It’s important to test the candle on yourself first so you can understand what your partner will feel. It’s always safest to drip the wax from further away, instead of pouring it up close, and ensure that the wax doesn’t get near your lover’s face. Always set a safe word as well, just in case.


Share Satisfaction are a New Zealand brand all about incredible toys of exceptional quality that allow you to grow as a couple and amplify your pleasure together or solo. Alluring and sophisticated – this range has been lovingly curated. It is USB rechargeable and made from body-safe silicone. Share Satisfaction is all about ease of use and connection.
Come together to experience pleasure in a way you never have before.