Pjur My Glide Stimulating & Warming Lubricant 100mL

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Pjur lubricants are made in Germany and can be found in many top rated lists including Cosmopolitan & NY magazine!

Pjur MyGlide has the double effect of being both Stimulating & Warming.

Pjur MyGlide is a water-based lubricant specially designed for women who desire an additional warming effect in their personal lubricant. Natural ginseng creates a gentle heating effect to increase blood flow while also stimulating arousal for the maximum amount of pleasure and satisfaction.

Pjur MyGlide is safe for daily use and works by sending a wonderful tingly and warming sensation through the body. This stimulating and warming lubricant increases sensitivity and makes the best thing in the world even better.

Pjur MyGlide Stimulating and Warming Lubricant is dermatologically tested, condom safe and suitable for use with all your toys.