JO H2O Flavoured Lubricant - Raspberry

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The only water-based lube that feels just like silicone! JO H2O Flavored Lubricants deliver a deliciously smooth, longer lasting glide with no artificial sweeteners and no aftertaste.

Tempt your taste buds and enhance your sensual pleasure with JO H2O Flavored Lubricants.

It's the same JO H2O you love in 15 mouth-watering flavors like Chocolate Delight, Strawberry Kiss and Raspberry Sorbet.

Enjoy individually or mix and match flavors to create your own unique cocktails! There's no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or aftertaste.

Just like our classic JO H2O lube, JO H2O Flavored delivers a silky smooth, longer lasting glide that's never sticky or tacky. Made from pure pharmaceutical grade materials, including plant-based glycerin, JO H2O Flavored is safe for any sensual activity.

Safe for use with condoms and all toys. Contains no silicone, wax or oil.

Key Features:
  • 15 delicious flavors

  • No added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no aftertaste

  • Super long lasting, never sticky or tacky

  • 100% Latex Safe

  • Compatible with all toys

  • Vegan

  • Made in the USA
  • 150mL or 30mL


Since 2003, System JO® sensual care products have been #1 in the market thanks to their dedication to high quality and performance. Using only premium pharmaceutical grade ingredients, the System JO® line includes personal lubricants, arousal enhancements, liquid vitality elixirs, pheromone products and intimate hygiene.