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Jimmyjane Evoke Solo-O

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Work out those kinks! The Evoke Vibrating Massage Wheel Vibrator is the first ever massager to combine a rolling massage wheel with deep, rumbling vibration and a dual side for internal stimulation.

The smooth silicone wheel easily roll across the contours of the body to relax and invigorate the muscles, while the powerful vibration stimulates the nerves to increase circulation and reduce stress. Unlike other massagers, the revolutionary wheel design makes it easy to move and roll the massager across the body hitting every pressure point.

 says..."The massage wheel feels great on tired neck, shoulder and calf muscles, plus it vibrates…and the handle can unofficially be used as a vibrator/dildo combo"



    • The unique dual-sided design delivers massaging vibrations and a wand for internal stimulation
    • Dual motors offer powerful, fulfilling vibrations
    • Choose between ten high-performing vibration modes for your every mood
    • Runs up to 1+ hours per charge
    • Made from phthalate-free soft silicone & ABS plastic
    • Used by women, men and couples
    • Great for internal and external massage
    • Waterproof and washable safe with a rechargeable cord
   Dimensions & Charging:

  • Specifications & More Details:
    • USB charging

    • Lithium Battery

    • Waterproof

    • Silicone

    • Size

    • Length: 21 cm

    • Width: 3.5 cm

    • Charging

    • Up to 60 minutes of use per charge

    • Recharge time: 90 minutes