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Eyden Wearable Dilator Set

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Every vulva owner deserves to experience painless, relaxing penetration which is why Eyden have created a range of vaginal dilators designed to help reduce painful penetration caused by a range of conditions such as:

- Vaginismus or Vestibulodynia
- Tight pelvic floor muscles
- Scar tissue following surgery or vaginal delivery
- Hormonal changes – perimenopause / menopause
- Sexual trauma

Made from medical grade silicone and graduating in size and length, Eyden dilators are easy to use and allow for natural progression. These dilators can help reduce tightness of the pelvic floor muscles and to retrain the vaginal muscles.

This set contains five super smooth, colour graded dilators to help you achieve the comfort you deserve. 

Eyden Dilator Set Features:

  • 5 silicone dilators graduating in size
  • Medical grade silicone
  • Flared bases for easy insertion and removal
  • Pastel coloured – non intimidating design
  • Designed to help reduce painful penetration
  • Instructions included
  • 100% waterproof


How to Use the Dilator Set:
1. Before using this product, consult with your healthcare professional for advice.

2. Find a quiet, relaxing and private place where you won’t be disturbed.

3. Lie back and relax.

4. Apply water-based lubricant to cover the outside of the dilator.

5. Position the dilator at the opening of the vagina. First tense your pelvic muscles and as you relax, gently put the dilator in the vagina until you feel any resistance or discomfort.

6. When you have relaxed the pelvic floor muscles, try to push the dilator in farther until you feel resistance.

7. When you’re not aroused, the vagina is quite short. This changes when you’re aroused and planning to have intercourse. The dilator will likely only go in a few inches – this is normal. If you can only put the dilator in 1 inch (or less), do that and relax for a minute. Then try to gently push it in a little bit further. It will likely be uncomfortable, but if it’s painful, don’t push any farther.

8. Don’t contract your pelvic floor muscles while using a dilator. If it hurts too much to use a dilator, talk to your healthcare provider.

9. For the best stretching, gently press the dilator against each side of the vagina.

10. If any part of the vagina wall feels tender or tight, very gently press the dilator into the area and hold it for a few seconds so that the tissue can stretch. After you do this, leave the dilator in and try to stay relaxed with your hand or it will slowly slip out – this is normal.

11. To get the most benefit, keep the dilator in for 10 minutes. Do this at least 3 times a week. When finished, gently remove the dilator. If you experience any bleeding, call your doctor or healthcare provide.


Size 1: 2.66 x 0.53 inch (6.78 x 1.35 cm)
Size 2: 2.96 x 0.74 inch (7.52 x 1.88 cm)
Size 3: 3 x 0.85 inch (7.67 x 2.16 cm)
Size 4: 3.11 x 0.96 inch (7.92 x 2.46 cm)
Size 5: 3.33 x 1.18 inch (8.46 x 3 cm).


Eyden is the latest range in sexual wellness products from New Zealand brand Share Satisfaction. Eyden are developed in consultation with pelvic help therapists, designed to alleviate a range of pelvic and vaginal health concerns, Eyden products can provide a customisable workout regime from the safety and comfort of your home. Eyden is proud to work with New Zealand’s Community Foundations network, donating $1 from every product sold to fund helping women’s causes where they are most needed in the community.