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Body Paint by Poême

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Love’s darkest desires arise from the aroma of Bijoux Indiscret’s Poême body paint in four decadent flavours. Delicious!

Taste the passion! 50ml glass bottle of Body Paint, Including writing feather with a silicone ending.

Body painting with melting texture and exquisite aroma that is meant for savoring with kisses and enjoyed with all five senses.

Made in Spain. 50mL.

Available in:

Dark Chocolate

Wild Strawberry

Sweetheart Cherry &

Butter Caramel

Usage Directions: Apply on areas of the body including the erogenous zones. Plunge the feather writer into the silky, indulgent liquid and get creative with your partner.


Cherry: Glucose syrup, sugar, water, concentrated sourcherry juice, stabilizer
(E-440), preservative (E-202), acidfier (E-330), colour (E-122)

Chocolate: Sugar, glucose syrup, water, cocoa (9,0%), preservative, acidier, and chocolate flavouring.

Strawberry: Sugar, glucose syrup, water, strawberry pulp (14,0%), preservative, acidier, and chocolate flavouring.

Caramel: Glucose syrup, water, colours E-150a, E-171), toffee flavouring, preservative (E-202) and salt. 


Bijoux Indiscrets products are designed by women for women. Founders, Elsa Viegas and Marta Aguiar, joined forces with one thing in mind: claiming women's right to pleasure! Free of shame, guilty and taboos exactly how sexuality should be lived. Fighting for equality also in this territory. "Our mission is to empower women through pleasure!"