Five Reasons All Women Should Be Using Lubricant During Sex

Did you know sex can be more pleasurable? Did you also know that using a lubricant during sex greatly increases a woman's chances of orgasm?

But not all lubricants are created equal. In this week's blog we look at the five reasons you need to introduce lubricant into your sex-life today.

1. Prioritise Pleasure

Pleasure is what its' all about right? Life is short and busy and if you're not prioritizing moments of pleasure then you are missing out on one of the best things about being alive. The addition of lubricant to sex makes each touch smoother while heightening sensations allowing you to really relax and not worry about any potential discomfort due to dryness. 

2. Trust and Communication Go Hand in Hand

Honest discussions about your needs, preferences, and desires are key ingredients to a fulfilling relationship. Including lubricants in your intimate moments can facilitate open communication and build trust between partners. Talking about the type of lubricant you both enjoy and how it benefits your shared experiences demonstrates respect for one another's feelings and well-being.

3. Choose the Right Lubricant for You

With an array of lubricant options available, identifying the perfect product for you and your partner is essential. Water-based lubricants provide a silky-smooth, easily washable option that is compatible with most sex toys and condoms. If you're seeking a longer-lasting solution, silicone-based lubricants remain slick and smooth without reapplication, while oil-based lubricants offer an ultra-smooth feel but may not be compatible with condoms or some sex toys.

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4. Boost Your Confidence

Lubricants can boost confidence by ensuring smoother, more comfortable intimate experiences. They alleviate potential concerns about discomfort or dryness, allowing you to focus on mutual pleasure and connection. With the right lubricant, you'll feel empowered in your intimate moments, enhancing both your self-assuredness and overall experience.

5. Increase Your Chances of Orgasm

Emotional barriers often hinder one's ability to achieve orgasm. Anxiety and stress can contribute to the struggle in climaxing during intimacy. Research by Dewitte (2016) found that a more positive attitude towards sexual stimuli and reducing anxiety can help individuals reach orgasm. Lubricants can play a role in breaking down these emotional barriers by creating a more comfortable environment, reducing worry about pain or discomfort, and allowing partners to focus on the pleasures of intimacy.

Researchers have also explored the connection between arousal, pleasure, and lubricant use in sexual encounters. One study conducted by Herbenick et al. (2011) found that women who used lubricants during sexual activity reported higher levels of pleasure and satisfaction compared to those who did not. This indicates that the application of lubricants may contribute to increased arousal, which facilitates reaching orgasm.

Numerous studies have confirmed the positive impact that lubricants play in enhancing pleasure, sex and the chance of reaching climax. From increasing arousal and increasing comfort to alleviating emotional barriers and contributing to overall sexual health, the benefits of lubricants are evident. By incorporating lubricants into your intimate experiences, you can unlock new levels of pleasure and satisfaction, paving the way for a more fulfilling sex life.


This article was compiled by our resident expert and scientist, Ami Reid, CEO of The Quiet Achiever. The Quiet Achiever is New Zealand's only women owned and operated sexual wellness store that sells only 100% body-safe toys and tools to women and couples. Our full range of recommended body-safe lubricants can be viewed here or shop our wider range of quality adult toys below: 


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