Which Satisfyer Should I Buy?

With so many products in the Satisfyer range, how are you supposed to know which one (or two or three!) to choose?

Satisfyer are a favourite supplier of sex toys for kiwi women for good reason, they are a german company and their products are known for quality, innovation and cute design. In fact many of their products have won design awards and their packaging is just as impressive. Whether you're looking to buy your first ever sex toy, or your a toy veteran, we have done the research on some of the top sellers of the Satisfyer range to ensure you can shop informed.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation

I don't think anyone could disagree that this wee guy is one of the cutest in the Satisfyer range! This Penguin is small and would make a great introduction, or 'starter', to the Satisfyer range as well as to clitoral stimulators in general. The smaller nozzle means less contact due to less of a surface area so this might not suit some people, but due to the small size and super cute non-imposing design this penguin is a great place to start. Also, if you are considering giving a vibe as a gift then you can't go wrong with the Penguin. Check out the Satisfyer Pro Penguin here.

 Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration has two independent motors which gives the user plenty of control. There is the option of feeling waves, or pulsations, or having both at the same time. If your a lover of a classic vibrator,  but would like to try a clitoral stimulator to see what all the fuss is about, then this might be just the toy for you. If you prefer vibrations then you'll love the combination of pressure waves plus vibration. You can check out the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration here.  

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation has been deemed New Zealand's favourite sex toy and could be described as 'old faithful' of the Satisfyer sex toy range. If you haven't yet tried a clitoral stimulator, and have no qualms about doing so, then this would be a great choice for you. Check out the Satisfyer Pro 2 here.

 Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit is a great choice if your a fan of penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time. The angle of the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit is designed to really reach for your G-Spot while the rabbit uses it's  pressure wave technology on the clitoris. This toy is great for those of us who know what we want. Check out the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit here. 

Satisfyer 1 Next Generation

The Satisfyer 1 Next Generation is not as strong as the others but is nice and light so a great option for travelling with. As the Satisfyer 1 Next Generation requires batteries, and it's performance can be affected by how much charge is in those batteries, I would suggest spending a bit more and investing in a rechargeable toy.


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