Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation - does the Satisfyer 1 Next Generation compare?

After some feedback from customers regarding Satisfyer's first generation of products (including the fact that they weren't actually waterproof as claimed! An issue since ironed out), they released the next generation range. Today we look at both the Satisfyer 1 Next Generation & the Satisfyer 2 Next Generation to see how they compare to their first generation versions while also exploring how they differ from one another.

Behind the name

Satisfyer are a German company known for their reasonably priced sex toys that time after time are winning design awards and appearing on 'must have' lists across the globe. The Satisfyer Pro 2, for example,  has ranked as New Zealand's favourite sex toy since it's release in 2019.

Satisfyer range
Above: News Hubs' image of the Satisfyer range taken at New Zealand's Satisfyer Pro 2 release party in 2019.
What sets them apart?

The big difference between the Satisfyer 1 and 2 is that the Satisfyer 1 is battery operated. It takes 2 x AAA size batteries to operate, which are not included, so make sure you have these ready to go to avoid flashbacks to Christmas morning as a child when you receive a new exciting toy you've been eagerly awaiting but don't have the batteries and can't play! Oh and make sure the batteries you use aren't duds or you risk missing out on the full experience (no more stealing from the remote).

Another difference with the next generation is that now the Satisfyer 1 is a pretty rose gold colour (previously it was purple), so it fits in with the rest of the next generation range, which were already available in the very stylish rose gold.

Satisfyer 1

Above: the Satisfyer 1 Next Generation looking very sleek in rose gold.

So is it for me?

The Satisfyer 1 next generation does lack some of the power of the Satisfyer Pro 2, but this makes it a good option for an absolute beginner who maybe new to pressure wave technology toys, and doesn't wish to invest too much money to test out and see if it's right for them.

Drained batteries at a crucial moment? 

Something to keep in mind, as the Satisfyer 1 is battery operated, the amount you will end up spending on batteries, some people think this warrants spending a bit more to get a rechargeable toy. If this is the case, then the rechargeable Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation (available here) with it's pressure wave technology may be more for you, or the rechargeable Satisfyer Pro + Vibration (available here) which offers both pressure wave technology AND vibrations. Perfect if you are a vibration fan, but also wish to try the pressure wave sensation.


Next weeks' blog will delve into the Satisfyer range more deeply with; 'which Satisfyer should I buy?' (linked here). You can get your hands on the Satisfyer 1 Next Generation on sale here for only $49.95.

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