Le Wand: Does it Compete with the Hitachi Magic Wand's & Doxys?

It's been described as the Cadillac of Vibrators - but what makes Le Wand better than other wands on the market?

Since the first 'personal massager' was invented in the late 19th century, there have been many versions of what we now call wands. The most famous of which is the Hitachi magic wand, released in 1968, and later known as just the 'magic wand' since 2012 when Hitachi requested their name be removed from the product.

And who can forget 2001's Sex and the City episode when Samantha uses the Hitachi magic wand to try to get her lost orgasm back and then in a later episode goes to the store to return the so-called 'neck massager'.


Wands have come a long way since the 60's, with the magic wand still a strong seller, other brands have joined the market, including Britain's Doxy in 2013 and of course now, Le Wand.

So why then is Le Wand my favourite? Well let me tell you...

It's Beautiful

Even the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and totally gift worthy. The Le Wand comes standard in dark grey with gorgeous shiny branding and detailing and the buttons are simple and make it hard to go wrong (even if it happens to be the middle of the night and pitch black!). I am a sucker for a beautiful vibrator and this one even comes with its' own beautiful travel bag.

It Replaces Many Other Toys in Your Drawer

As there are many attachments (pictured below from lewandmassager.com) available for LeWand, this toy has the potential to replace many other toys in your goodie drawer. You are only limited by your imagination.

Le Wand

In a hurry to check them out? The Quiet Achiever has these attachments in stock in NZ which you can get here.

 Power baby!

The Le Wand is cordless but has the same power that many others on the market can only boast to have when plugged into the wall, and who wants to be limited by their proximity to a wall while you're trying to lose yourself in the moment? Not me!

Even Your Partner Can Join the Fun

Did you know Le Wand is also voted as one of the top sex toys for couples? That's right, this baby is not just for solo play. All the more reason to not be tied to a wall right? As over 70% of women are unable to orgasm from penetration alone, this toy when placed on or near the clitoris during sex, can take things to the next level. Simultaneous orgasm anyone?

It's On Sale!

In case you needed anymore reasons to try Le Wand for yourself, this beauty is currently on sale for $259.95 which is more than a $100 saving. 

Buy LeWand here.

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