What is the Women's Health Strategy NZ: The State of Healthcare in NZ for Women

Here are some startling statistics in New Zealand:

  • The life expectancy at birth for Māori women is 77 years
  • The life expectancy at birth for non-Māori women is 84 years.

This 7 year gap in life expectancy is significant and must come down. Here we delve into the first government policy statement that identifies key challenges and barriers to achieving health equity for women, girls, trans people, and gender diverse people.

The Women’s Health Strategy 2023 marks a significant milestone for New Zealand. It is the first national strategy dedicated to women’s health and well-being, aiming to achieve pae ora (healthy futures) for all women. Here are key points about women’s health in New Zealand:

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Challenges and Inequities

  1. Health Inequities:

    • Women face inequities in health outcomes, spending more of their lives in poor health.
    • These challenges are amplified for specific groups, including wāhine Māori, Pacific women, rural women, and disabled women.
    • Addressing these disparities is crucial for improving overall women’s health.
  2. Listening and Prioritization:

    • Women often report not being heard or prioritized when seeking care for themselves and their families.
    • The Women’s Health Strategy aims to change this by better prioritizing women’s realities and needs.

Statistics and Insights

  1. Māori Health:

  2. Overall Health Statistics:

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Moving Forward

The Women’s Health Strategy sets the direction for change, emphasizing coordinated efforts across health sector entities and organizations. By embedding these priorities in core health system documents, we can work toward healthier futures for all women in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Women’s health is a collective effort—from healthcare professionals to advocates—and together, we can create positive change.

Click the link to explore the Women’s Health Strategy 2023 for more in-depth insights. 


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