In The Name Of Intimacy: Introducing Sex Toys To Your Relationship

If you’ve never discussed introducing sex toys to your relationship with your partner, the topic can be, well, a little uncomfortable. Perhaps you’re worried your partner will feel replaced or like they are not pleasuring you correctly (a common misconception). The reality is, sex toys within a relationship can be an incredible way to deepen intimacy and explore new sensations with your partner, with the potential to open up new avenues for exploration, communication, and intimacy between you.

Now, what we’re not advising is to whip out the butt plugs mid-session with no warning or prior discussions. What we are saying is that respect is key in every aspect of your relationship, and in the bedroom is no different.

By approaching the topic with open communication, empathy, and respect, you can ensure a positive and fulfilling experience for you both.

Seven silicone objects laying beside each other closely on a dark sheet and they are in various colours including pink, teal, forest green and lilac.

Reflect on Your Desires and Intentions

Before broaching the subject with your partner, take some time to reflect on your personal desires and intentions. Ask yourself why you want to introduce sex toys into your relationship. Is it to explore new sensations, spice up your sex life, or enhance intimacy? Understanding your motivations will help you communicate your desires effectively and demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship. When discussing the idea of incorporating sex toys, it's crucial to create a safe and non-judgmental space for open communication. Choose a comfortable setting where both partners can express their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or rejection. Emphasize that introducing sex toys is not a reflection of any shortcomings but rather an opportunity to enhance pleasure and connection.

Initiate an Open and Honest Conversation

A big reason that some people may be reluctant to talk about toys in the bedroom is that they believe it’s a sign that something’s not going well, or their partner isn’t being satisfied. By initiating an open and honest conversation about sex toys you can assure them this isn’t the case. Start by expressing your own desires and fantasies, emphasizing how the introduction of sex toys can benefit both of you. Encourage your partner to share their thoughts, concerns, and boundaries. Active listening and empathy are crucial during this discussion. Remember, it's essential to address any fears or insecurities that may arise and assure your partner that their pleasure and comfort are a priority.

Shop Around - Together!

Researching and learning about different types of sex toys together can be an exciting and bonding experience. Explore websites such as our own, read reviews, and educate yourselves about the various options available. This shared knowledge will help you make informed decisions and choose toys that align with both partners' preferences and comfort levels.

Start Slow and Gradual

When introducing sex toys, it's important to start slow and gradually integrate them into your sexual experiences. Begin with simple and non-intimidating toys, such as a bullet vibrator or a mini digital wand, which you and your partner can customise the perfect settings together. Massage oils are also the perfect way to introduce something other than your own bodies to the bedroom. Allow yourselves time to adjust, experiment, and explore.

Remember, the key is respect and the journey is about mutual pleasure and discovering what works for both of you!

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