Hair removal - To Shave or Not to Shave?

Hair 'down there'- you've shaved, waxed & plucked for years - it's painful and it's a chore - so why do it? 

Perhaps as a response to the recent lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many of us unable to get to our regular beauticians' appointments, women are now embracing their body hair and opting for a more natural look - AKA 'the full bush'. You might be left wondering if you should also jump on that bandwagon?

OB-Gyns have reported seeing a trend towards fuller hair down below over the past few years, and many believe this was a long time coming. As Dr Eden Fromberg explains; “Women are becoming increasingly aware that our bodies are a lot more than the visual or sexual playthings that past cultural norms implied,” she says. “We want to express our diversity and power, live our preferences, and feel comfortable in our own bodies without judgement.” And just as important to Fromberg as shattering stereotypes is getting the point across that pubic hair isn’t dirty or unhygienic. “Pubic hair exists to protect our delicate areas and encourages a diverse and often quite healthy microbiome, which keeps us in balance while preventing infection,” she continues.

Naked woman viewed from the belly button to the knees facing front and holding a large grassy plant in front of her pubic region.

Pubic hair is also thought to help with pheromones, or chemicals your body produces that send subconscious messages to other human animals, including potential mates - to sexually entice your partner. Sounds promising...

But while foregoing regular waxing or shaving for the first time in a long time can be liberating, it can also be uncharted territory for many women. In this case, some suggest keeping the are 'tidy' so that you still can have that feeling of being groomed.

How To Care For Your Full Bush

Invest in a good pair of scissors and make trimming a part of your regular self-care routine. If you are wanting to shave a little for a more tidy look, then make sure your shaving cream has natural ingredients, and disinfect the blade afterwards to prevent the spread of infection.

Ingrown hairs can be present no matter what style of bush you choose to adopt; so here's how to treat them:

  • Exfoliate in the shower.
  • Outside the shower massage the area with a bikini dry brush to boost circulation and speed up any needed healing.
  • You can use a gentle pH-balanced feminine wash free of artificial fragrance, parabens, and sulfates but avoid the actual vulva and vagina area.
  • Let the area breathe and avoid tight clothing - if you wanted an excuse to sleep naked then this is it!

Whether you decide to adopt the full bush or not, just know that it's your body and your choice. Try not to be influenced by your ideas of what you think society prefers or what your partner prefers. Make your choice and embrace it - you are beautiful!

Close up frint view of woman wearing red underpants which have the word 'love' printed in black on the front.

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Excerpts taken from Vogue's article here and cover image from self.coms' page here

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